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Stay in compliance with one low monthly fee for staff training.

  • No setup fee.

  • No long term contracts.

  • Only pay for completed training

  • First month FREE!

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How many direct care staff do you need to train each month?

Direct Care Staff Inservice Training

Your first month is completely FREE!

Try out a complimentary class for your entire team on us.

Starting the 2nd month, you will be billed at the end of each month for the number of staff that have completed training that month. So, if you add or lose staff during eachmonth, don’t worry, your account will be automatically adjusted.

How does it work?

Access inservice trainings on a month-to-month basis, easily adding or removing staff based on your training needs.

Only pay for completed training!

If you assign your selected inservice to 25 direct care staff, however, only 23 staff complete the training. You will only be billed for those 23 staff at the end of the second month.